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We understand that visiting the swimming pool can be an overwhelming experience and for some, the busyness of a public session can be challenging.
Sensory Friendly Family sessions give young swimmers the opportunity to swim in a more relaxed environment.


Middleton Arena
Lance Corporal Joel Halliwell VC Way
M24 1AG


Members are free.
Family ticket (up to 4) = £16.
Adult = £5.60
Child = £2.90

Current sessions can be viewed by clicking the ‘Book your place here’ below

Due to high demand and maximum bather loads, we advise that you book your place by clicking the button below or calling the centre at 0161 662 4000 to avoid disappointment on the day.

Book your place here

Who can attend?

Any family who has at least one child with additional support needs. We understand that each child is different and their needs can vary.

Swimming Pool Policy applies. Non swimmers must be supervised by an adult.

View Swimming Admissions Policy 

What to expect

Swimmers from the previous session will leave the pool at 3.45pm, 45 minutes before the Sensory Friendly Family session starts.

The Sensory Friendly Family session takes place 4.30 – 5.30pm and is the last pool session of the day.

To help prepare you and your children for the visit, we have provided some details below.

Safety for all participants

Safety in the pool area is paramount for everyone.

We want everyone to have fun so there are a few guidelines that must be followed. If you are not sure, please ask a Lifeguard.
Ultimately you are responsible for yourself and your children in and around the pool area, the Lifeguards are there in an emergency and help keep everyone safe.
Please follow instructions on the signs located around the pool area, and any given by the Lifeguards.

We ask that you

  • Have fun and enjoy your session
  • Be responsible for your children
  • Help your children to follow the rules
  • Store all of your personal belongings in the lockers provided. Do not bring bags/clothes onto poolside

Please don’t

  • Run on poolside
  • Dive/bomb into the pool
  • Dunk other people
  • Push others into the water
  • Do acrobatics into the water

Alarms and Noises


Music, hair dryers and hand dryers will be switched off during the Sensory Friendly Family sessions.

Exclusive access

The Sauna and steam rooms, which is normally access by the general public from poolside, will be switched off and the wet changing area and poolside will be exclusively available for only the Sensory Friendly Family session. Only those attending the Sensory Friendly Family session will have access; no other public/members will be permitted access during the time of the session.

Pool Alarm

Should the Pool Alarm be activated, that means the pool has to be evacuated and the Lifeguard may have to make a rescue. Should this happen, the Your Trust team will make their way to poolside within seconds to provide support. 

Fire Exits

There are two fire exits on poolside; one for the large pool and one for the small pool

Fire Alarm

Should the Fire Alarm be activated, the Lifeguards will ask everyone to line up by a Fire Exit located at the small pool. We will only evacuate swimmers if there is a real fire.
If in the extremely rare situation there is an evacuation of the swimmers, the Lifeguards issue foil blankets to all swimmers and lead them to the Fire Assembly Point, located at the front car park.