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Welcome to Active Travel Rochdale. The goal is to make active travel the preferred choice for as many short trips as possible.

Working alongside other boroughs in Greater Manchester, if residents throughout Rochdale borough walk, wheel and cycle more, it will benefit our health & wellbeing, improve air quality and reduce congestion.

Each year in Greater Manchester we make millions of journeys by car that could either be walked or cycled instead;

  • 200 million car journeys shorter than one kilometre, the equivalent of a 15-minute walk or a four-minute bike ride.
  • 800 million car journeys are under 5 kilometres, which is a 20-minute bike ride.

Throughout the borough, we’ve have a number of activities to support walking, wheeling and cycling.

For more information

If you’d like to speak to a member of the Active Travel team about any active travel activity, please contact or call 01706 922437

Active Travel is delivered by Your Trust Rochdale in partnership with Rochdale Borough Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and Endurance Hub.