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Who we are

Your Trust is the new name for Link4Life. You probably know who we are but you might not know why we’re here.
First and foremost, we’re a charity. What does that mean exactly?
Well, it means that everything we earn is reinvested. It also means that we’re driven by nothing other than helping our local community live healthier and more enriched lives.
That’s why we’re called your; all of our facilities and services are, quite simply, made for you.

We are passionate about supporting our local communities to live their best life by being active, creative and healthy.

What we do

We aim to inspire people to live healthier, happier and creative lives through combining cultural and leisure services.

We provide state-of-the art leisure and fitness facilities including swimming, gyms and sports halls, as well as managing outdoor sites including a lake and country park offering adventure and water activities.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of being active and feeling healthy. We deliver tailored programmes to help those that need us the most, for example, people experiencing ill health, isolation or limited financial means.

We also operate and programme a portfolio of cultural venues offering heritage and fine art exhibitions, local studies library and live performance.

We work in schools, community locations and with partners to deliver education, projects, festivals and events which inspire, engage and support our diverse communities and make Rochdale an exciting, creative place to live, work and visit.

Inspiring health
Better health leads to a healthier and happier community. We offer a myriad of facilities and classes which are open to everyone, no matter whether you’re a die-hard exercise fan or someone who saves running for sprinting away from the gym.

Encouraging creativity
No matter what people say, everyone’s got a creative bone somewhere in them. We work to connect people with their creative sides as we know that it leads to more enriched and social lives. We do this through everything from exhibitions to classes.

Fostering wellbeing
Wellbeing is a difficult one to put your finger on, but we treat it as people that have a smile on the inside. We want to make our community happier and healthier, both mentally and physically, and we do that through various programmes and classes for all ages.

Our core values

We love working in Rochdale and with its communities. It’s rich history of ideas and innovative social reform inspires us every day to challenge ourselves to innovate and ‘do things differently’ and that has inspired how
we work.

Curiosity: to learn, to challenge the norm, to improve, to push boundaries, to innovate, to create.

Passion: for people, for our borough, for service, for our driving purpose.

Trust: in each other, in our teams and in our ability to deliver to the highest standard.