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Child Admission Policy

A responsible person aged at least 18 years (or parent) must accompany all children under the age of 8 into the swimming pool area.

The responsible person must at all times ensure that they maintain a constant watch over the children for whom they are responsible, particularly those children who are weak or non swimmers and always follow the instructions of staff as and when directed.

The Your Trust Child Admission Policy states that the following must apply:
In all cases, weak and non swimmers are restricted at all times to the designated non swimmer areas of the pools which are the small pool area and the shallow end of the main pool as indicated, and must also wear suitably approved buoyancy aids.

Public session admission criteria

Under 4 years One Adult: One Child

Age 4 – 7 years One Adult: Two Children

Mixed Ages: One Adult: One under 4 and one 4-7 year old

All armbands and buoyancy aids should be kite marked or carry a BS EN number as manufactured to approved standards.

Your Trust operate a range of family orientated special sessions. These include Aqua Tots parent and toddler sessions and Family Swim sessions where alternative admission criteria apply. Please ask Reception or the Duty Officer for further details.

The purpose of this Child Admission Policy is to help safeguard all children using the swimming pool and is not intended to stop children and their families having fun and enjoying their swimming session.