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Gymnastics gets youngsters moving, laying the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Through gymnastics, children and young people develop fundamental movement skills to become fitter, stronger, more confident and co-ordinated. There are many benefits including improved balance, flexibility, core skills hand to eye co-ordination, and developing important social skills like teamwork, self-confidence, trusting in others, and how to share by taking turns.

Working alongside the gymnastics governing body, British Gymnastics, this programme is designed for all abilities for children from the age of 4 years old. So whether you are looking to get started with your first forward roll or if you are developing your forward somersault this programme is designed for you.

Learning in a fun way, our fully-qualified British Gymnastics coaches provide a high standard of instruction to guide pupils through the different levels of the programme. As children progress, they collect a badge and certificate at the end of each level giving them something to work towards.

Gymnastics lessons take place at Middleton Arena.

Progress tracking

When your child starts their gymnastics lessons, you can track their progress and get updates and information from your Gymastics Coach by using the Home Portal.

Visit Your Home Portal

Current timetable

For enquiries about gymnastics lessons, please contact the centre on 0161 662 4000 or email