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Following user feedback and more recent changes to the timetabling of the thermal suite, Your Trust and Rochdale Borough Council have been exploring ways to increase availability to all members of the community.

The proposed option is to split the current large thermal suite space into two programmable spaces (see diagram below), which will enable the programme to have male and female session concurrently and greater flexibility to suit the needs of our user groups.

We’d like to gain as much feedback as possible from current users of Rochdale Leisure Centre and would be grateful if you could take a few minutes of your time to complete the survey below.

The image shows the current floor plan of the thermal suite area at Rochdale Leisure Centre.  The diagram is marked with two blue lines (one dark blue, one light blue) to show the proposed boundaries of the  area when it is split in two to create two separate areas that will both contain a sauna, steam room, showers and changing area.

Thermal Suite Consultation: Your feedback

If you are currently a user or will use the thermal suite in future, please let us know why you currently, or why you would in future, use the thermal suite(Required)

What type of session would you attend?(Required)
What days of the week would you prefer to attend?(Required)
What times of the day would you prefer to attend?(Required)
What are the barriers to you accessing the thermal suite?

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