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Happy International Women’s Day!

On this special episode, we talk to three incredibly inspiring women, Nichelle, Asma and Bev, who work tirelessly to uplift and support women in our community.

From providing safe, private spaces for survivors of domestic violence, to fostering creativity through art, activities and skill-building, prepare to be inspired by these wonderful women and their dedication to empower and blaze an inspiring trail for the women of Rochdale!

Hosted by Touchstones’ Bryan Beresford, Richard Philbin and Katie Roberts.
Joined by:

Nichelle Cutler – Systems Change Facilitator at
Actions Together

Asma Begum – Soul Sisters:
Empowering People

Councillor Bev Place – Assistant to the Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services and Education, Rochdale Borough Council

This week’s objects include Asma’s book Truth to Power: How to Call Time on Bullsh*t, Speak Up and Make a Difference by Jess Philips and Bev’s bee necklace:

This podcast was produced by Carlie Foster for Audio Always, thanks to support from Audio Always’ Manchester Amplified programme.