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How important is cultural education, which stimulates creative learning and freedom within the arts for young people?

Join us as we chat to Leona Armstrong and David Allen, who both work alongside young people with the aim of rebuilding trust and positivity around their education.

Find out how this work is vital for the exposure of art for young people, some of whom have gone on to make and sell their own art.

Explore how love and passion for the arts ties these wonderful people together!

Hosted by Touchstones’ Bryan Beresford, Richard Philbin and Katie Roberts.

Joined by:

Leona Armstrong – Campus & Wellbeing lead at Pinc College

David Allen – CEO of Skylight Circus Arts

This week’s object from Sarah is a painting named Pressure From One’s Environment by Jack Crabtree. The picture was obtained from the Art UK website:

Crabtree, Jack; The Pressure of One’s Environment; Rochdale Arts & Heritage Service;

David’s object is a red juggling ball.

This podcast was produced by Carlie Foster for Audio Always, thanks to support from Audio Always’ Manchester Amplified programme.

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