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Your Trust would like to work in partnership and support residential/care home residents and staff in the Rochdale borough to live more active, happy and healthy lives.

We have three options to enable us to provide the best support.

Free Online Classes

We are looking for a number of residential/care homes to be part of a trail for our new Free Online Classes.

The Free Online Classes are made up of a fully accessible library of 12 videos featuring evidence based exercises to improve muscle strength, balance and co-ordination, allowing participants to maintain independence and move easier through day to day activities.

The videos progress from fully seated exercise, postural stability, strength and balance beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and finishing with a cardio session and can be done as a group or as an individual.

All videos are fully adapted and all include a seated variation of each exercise as well as a more advanced moves to enable all participants to work at their own ability and progress as and when they feel ready.

Videos can be used in order as a 12 week progression, or individually based on the level most suitable for your participants and their ability. For support study chairs can be used if in a group based environment or tables, walls and kitchen counters if on an individual basis at home.

Each video is approximately 25mins long and consists of a warm up, main section and a cool down and stretch.

We also include a sheet of the Super 6 strength and Balance exercises to accompany these videos and to promote exercise every day, and a link to the Moving Medicine Get Up and Go – A Guide to getting steady booklets which contains much more information on reducing falls risks and improving strength and balance.

To register your interest for free online classes, please complete your details in the form below and a member of the Specialist Health and Wellbeing Team will contact you directly

Home Visit

A member of the team can call or visit your residential home, at a convenient time, to discuss all the options available to help your residents access any of our services and talk you through how best to run the online classes in your residential setting.

To arrange a visit, please complete your details in the form below and a member of the Specialist Health and Wellbeing Team will contact you directly

Specialist Health and Wellbeing Sessions

We deliver a range of classes designed for people with long term conditions or those who just want to get a little fitter with gentle exercises.

The sessions provide exercises which improve postural stability and balance, promote greater independence and help to reduce the risk of falls in the future.

You can choose to sit or stand for the exercises which will help also strengthen your muscles and joints.

Each class has qualified instructors who are at hand to support, listen and motivate participants on their journey to better health and wellbeing.

Click here to view Specialist Health and Wellbeing class details

Specialist Health & Wellbeing Team - Residential Home Enquiry