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Rochdale Treasure is an interactive, virtual workshop delivered through a private stream direct to your classroom’s smartboard. 

A team of time travelling scientists, on a mission to learn about the past, find themselves exploring Touchstones museum.  Surrounded by a collection of historic artefacts and curious objects, the scientists must investigate and document all that they see.  However, when a mystery item is discovered, with no clues to what it is, they become rather stuck!  How on earth are they going to figure out what it is?  Tell a story?  Make something?  Ask the children of Rochdale for help?  Probably best make it all three.

Each episode includes an original story with accompanying Story Bingo activity sheets, interactive artefact exploration, and guided craft activity (including downloadable templates and instructions).

Upon booking you will be sent a full lesson plan, a downloadable Story Bingo sheet, a downloadable craft activity template, a guided craft activity film and additional resources to support lesson planning. 
The content has been designed with the Key Stage 1 and 2 History Curriculum in mind but also provides numerous opportunities for cross-curricular working and key skill building.
We will also be able to supply you with topic planners, cross-curricular work sheets and even a script for your class assembly all built around the core theme.

For more information about any workshop, or to book, please complete your details below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Rochdale Treasures at Touchstones

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