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In recent months, we’ve had several issues with the current lockers in the member changing rooms and so, to resolve this, we will be replacing the locks on the current lockers in both member changing areas so that they are all in use again.

We’ve recently had confirmation from the supplier that the replacement locks will be installed next week (Wednesday 20 March).

On this day, the locks on the lockers in the female changing rooms will be replaced first, followed by the lockers in the male changing rooms. This does mean that the lockers in the area that you normally use may be unavailable for a short period of time whilst the locks are replaced. Please use alternative lockers that are available.


One of the issues that we have had with lockers is that keys are being removed and taken out of the centre overnight or for longer periods of time meaning that the lockers are not available for other members to use during their visit.

The new locks being installed no longer have keys and require a padlock to use. Anyone wishing to use a locker will need to bring their own padlock, or one can be purchased in centre for £6.

Image shows Your Trust branded padlock for lockers.  Padlock is dark blue colour with Your Trust written in white text.  There are four combination numbers shown.
Padlocks are available to purchase from reception for £6

Lockers emptied at the end of each night

To ensure that lockers are available for all members and customers to use during their visit, the management team will continue to empty lockers at the end of each night. Please remove all of your personal belongings at the end of your visit.

Please note that for any lockers that have padlocks on them at the end each night, the padlock will be cut/removed and the contents of the locker will be removed and stored in lost property for collection.

Thank you for your co-operation.