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29 July – 30 September 2017

Much of Susan Collis’ work deals with objects, surfaces and the residue of actions that have been covered up, hidden from view, discarded or forgotten. Her individual pieces act as memorials to the labour, hopes and aspirations that cause certain things to exist for a short while in the world, only to be deemed worthless further down the line.

Using a wide variety of materials and craft processes she recreates these ordinary and ‘unworthy’ subjects in profound detail, often using craft processes such as inlay, marquetry, and embroidery.

In so doing, her work encourages a reassessment of labour and craft, themes that link strongly to Rochdale’s collections and location as a former mill town.

Having exhibited world-wide, When we loved you best of all was Collis’ first institutional solo show in the North of England. Spanning three of our gallery spaces, the exhibition featured key existing work focusing on her sculptural practice and the premiere of several brand new pieces.