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7 October – 16 December 2017

Evangelia Spiliopoulou has developed a practice which seeks to expand the rules that have historically underpinned the act of making an artwork. For example, she frequently employs unconventional tools to obscure the evidence of her own hand in the creative process and chooses to impose strict limitations dictating the development of the final imagery.

As alluded to in the title (Orientation: Landscape), for this exhibition Spiliopoulou presented a body of artwork inspired by the post-industrial landscape of Rochdale and the creative potential of the technology many of us now use in our daily, working lives – computer software whose instructional language, such as the orientation options of ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’, is often borrowed from the history of art.

Orientation: Landscape was generously supported with funding from Arts Council England and the Friends of Rochdale Art Gallery.