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Join us for a day packed with fun, flavour, and festivity as we celebrate the humble dumpling in all its delicious glory!

Coinciding with the Home exhibition by Ukrainian photographers and national Refugee Week, Rochdale’s Dumpling Day offers a feast of activities and flavours bringing our communities together. Sample an international variety of dumplings, join in with exciting dumpling-themed activities and enjoy a range of music in celebration of our diverse community.

As well as Refugee week and the exhibition of work by Ukrainian photographers across Rochdale, the early summer date connects to the historical tradition of Wakes Day in Lancashire mill towns – an annual holiday for mill workers that saw music, dancing and a festival feel throughout the town. So gather your friends and family for a day of celebration, honouring Rochdale’s diverse communities, culinary heritage and the universal love for dumplings!


– Dumpling tasting from Ukrainian, Bangladeshi and Nigerian cooks

– Make your own Kurdish and Chinese dumplings with Heart&Parcel

– Decorative Saltdough dumpling making

– Design your own dumpling character and story

– Join in with cross stitching or crocheting a dumpling design

– Hear from artists, cooks and Touchstones staff in a Global Café

The Global café presents an opportunity for people to talk to different contributors participating in Dumpling Day. Each contributor will be sat at a different café style table. Visitors are invited to spend a set amount of time at each table getting to know their host before moving on to the next seat.

Why Dumplings?

In Ukrainian culture, the dumpling holds a special significance beyond just being a national dish; the Ukrainian dumpling varenyky are also seen as a cherished talisman. In Ukrainain history varenyky’s cresent shape have been likened to a young moon and were once used as sacrificial offerings near spring water sources.

Varieties of the simple dough filled pocket or parcel of the ‘dumpling’ are found across the globe. Steaming, boiling, frying, or baking unlocks endless culinary possibilities. Different countries put a distinct spin on their dumplings, influenced by their agricultural produce, climate, cultural tastes and cooking methods. Ukrainian varenyky fillings include cherries and bilberries reflecting common and wild fruits found across the country.  

The dumpling can therefore be considered a food that unites different cultures. It is shared across countries and continents, evolving through trade, migration and cultural exchange.

Access Information

The Ukrainian Centre has a designated car park at the front of its building. There is also opportunity to park for free on the residential streets surrounding the venue.

There are a small number of steps as well as an accessible ramp up to the venue’s front entrance.

Accessible toilets are located on the ground floor near the entrance.

Additional toilets are located in the basement and are signposted clearly.

Dumpling Day is occurring in the bar and hall of the centre. The bar is all one level with seating booths. There are 3 steps down into a large hall where dumpling tasting and activities will be taking place. The Hall is all one level.

To avoid steps from the bar area an accessible route to the hall will be signposted from the main entrance.

It will be a busy day with noise of people and live music.

Dumpling Day – Saturday 22nd June 11am-3pm

Location: Ukrainian Centre, Mere St, Rochdale