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Touchstones has teamed up with Audio Always, a pioneering podcast production company, to produce a brand new podcast series, The Touchstones Tapes. The project is part of the Manchester Amplified scheme, a venture established in honour of Audio Always’ 10th anniversary, designed to empower and celebrate the rich artistic and cultural tapestry of Greater Manchester.

By leveraging the power of audio storytelling, this collaboration between Audio Always and Touchstones transcends physical boundaries and creates a virtual realm where art and heritage come to life, with inspiring stories told by a variety of people who are part of our community. 

The Touchstones Tapes podcast amplifies the voices of those who tirelessly contribute to the wellbeing of their communities. Delving deep into the essence of art, culture and community, the series will engage in heartfelt conversations with individuals who stand at the forefront of community initiatives. Their dedication, stories and remarkable efforts are captured in episodes that explore the remarkable tapestry of human connection and creativity.

As the doors of the physical Touchstones building have temporarily closed for a major capital redevelopment project, The Touchstones Tapes podcast serves as a virtual gateway, enabling listeners to immerse themselves in Rochdale’s cultural and artistic heritage.

From amazing youth workers who aim to better the opportunities for our young people, to artists who curate cultural events that spark unity, the podcast will present a comprehensive panorama of how all these factors profoundly impact our community. 

The first episode of The Touchstones Tapes will land on Spotify and Apple Podcasts on Friday 1 September.