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During these difficult financial times, we have been pushing forward, with the support of Rochdale Borough Council, to ensure the Real Living Wage is paid from 1 April 2023.

The Real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 12,000 UK businesses to mirror the effects of inflation and general everyday essentials price increases. We are the latest business to join the movement and implement this wage increase to reflect modern living costs.

We’re announcing that the Real Living Wage will apply to all employed staff, regardless of their age, role or the number of hours they work. 

David Gelsthorpe, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Your Trust, said “It is vital that our rates of pay can accommodate the escalating cost of living. 

“It’s without a doubt our team is the most valuable resource we have and it’s important we support them in their everyday lives. Introducing the Real Living Wage is a long-term investment in our people and we’re hoping it will lead to greater longevity of service and trust throughout our employee network.

“As a charity organisation with numerous venues across the Rochdale borough, as well as many community initiatives and programmes, there’s a vast array of individuals working behind the scenes to provide outstanding services, and we want this work to be recognised. Paying the Real Living Wage has never been more important, as costs continue to rise and many are struggling to meet everyday needs.

“We have a fantastic team of people, all with different expertise and experiences. These people have helped shape who we are today. We want to ensure the message this sends is one that will not only help us to attract but also retain the very best people in the jobs they do.”

The current Real Living Wage for the UK in 2023 is £10.90. This increase in wages will be reflected across all 354 jobs within the charity. And with over 78% of Your Trust employees living within the borough, it will also have a positive benefit on the local economy.

Councillor Susan Smith, Portfolio Holder for Communities and Cooperation at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “It’s always a pleasure to see organisations across the borough of Rochdale choosing to boost their commitment to employees by opting to pay the Real Living Wage. This has a positive impact on the borough.

“It’s been a difficult year across the nation and it’s our duty to ensure we’re supporting our communities in any way we know how. Introducing a wage that is based on current economical times, with the cost of living crisis in mind, has never been more important.