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A reproduction of a painting in Touchstones’ collection has been sent to Egypt to adorn the walls of Carter House, the former home of famed archaeologist and discoverer of Tutankhamun’s tomb, Howard Carter.

Touchstones recently worked with international organisation ARCE (American Research Center in Egypt) to provide a reproduction of Deer and Fawn (c. 1871) from the Borough’s collections, painted by Howard’s father Samuel John Carter.

The original painting was donated to the Borough’s collection in 1911 by previous owner Robert Taylor Heape. a member of a prolific Rochdale family. Samuel John Carter was a leading animal painter, and his brothers were also talented artists. Howard Carter himself came to Egypt for the first time in 1891 to draw tomb reliefs, and subsequently became an excavator.

Carter House in Luxor has nothing that originally belonged to Carter inside, as it became a rest house for antiquities inspectors after he died, so the Carter House restoration project has instead focused on using period furniture and images, with the dining room decorated with replicas of works by Howard’s father and brothers. Even though the paintings would never have come to Egypt, they gave a sense of Carter’s family background.

You can take a virtual tour of Carter House online here.