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Learning to swim is a key life skill for any child. Swim Academy is a clearly structured swimming and water safety programme designed by the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA), one of the largest swim teaching and lifesaving organisations in the world and delivered by highly trained swimming teachers. 

The lesson structure allows gradual progression and there is an exciting badge scheme in place to encourage your child along the way.

Building confidence and developing basic skills such as breathing in the water, floating and simple movement are the foundation for moving on successfully to developing swimming strokes.

For those who have completed the learn to swim badges, there are a range of lessons for advanced swimmers developing strokes over greater distances and including more challenging skills including rescue techniques and timed swims. 


STANLEY For children aged 3-5 year old
Stanley lessons are designed for non swimmers and beginners. Lessons teach basic swimming and water safety skills helping to build confidence in the water, learn aquatic breathing, floating and movement.

OCTOPUS For children aged 5-8 year old
Octopus lessons are designed for non swimmers and beginners. Lessons will develop pupil’s confidence, knowledge and skills in the water.

GOLDFISH For children aged 5-8 year old
Goldfish lessons are the next stage for swimmers who have progressed through either the Stanley or Octopus lessons. Lessons help to develop correct stroke technique over short distances. (Front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.) On completion, swimmers will be able to swim 15 metres without any aid as well as perform basic floats.

Once swimmers have completed the Goldfish Series they can progress to the Angelfish Series. On completion, swimmers will be capable of swimming 25 metres without aid, perform butterfly stroke as well as mastering sculling techniques and entries to the water.

Pupils will learn how to swim 25m across three competitive strokes, perform head first and feet first surface dive and swim underwater 5m. They will also learn basic water rescue and survival techniques as well as starts and turns for each of the strokes. On completion, learners will be able to swim 100 metres.

Advanced Swimmers

The Advanced Swimmer Series consists of three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold; each award has a badge and certificate. This series develops swimming technique, speed, stamina and water polo or synchronised swimming skills.

Learning outcomes include swimming 200m in 6 minutes, using a recognised competitive stroke; swimming 50m in 90 seconds and sculling head first and feet first.

Learning outcomes include swimming 400m in 10 minutes, swimming 100m in 2 minutes, 4 x 50m individual medley, sculling 15m and tread water for 90 seconds.

Learning outcomes include swimming 400m in 8 minutes, 100m in 90 seconds, scull 25m and tread water for 2 minutes.

The Platinum award combines survival and rescue skills with advanced swimming skills, water polo and synchronised swimming.
Learning outcomes include swimming 100m in 75 seconds, swimming 4 x medley within 4 minutes, performing competitive front/back starts and show a smooth transition into a 100-metre swim, swim 25m eggbeater leg kick, water safety and swimming in clothes.

We are delighted that swimming pools re-opened on Monday 12 April as part of Step 2 of the Government’s Roadmap to Reopening.  We are welcoming children, young people, babies and toddlers back to our Swim Academy swimming lesson programme.

For details of your child’s swimming lesson, view your Swim Academy Home Portal

The health and safety of pupils, their parents/guardians and our staff remains our highest priority and our high safety standards and covid-secure measures are in place at all of our centres so that customers and staff can return with confidence.

What measures are in place to make lessons safe?
All procedures, safety measures, risk assessments and training have been developed with leading industry bodies like Swim England and guidance from Public Health Rochdale, and for our swimming pools, we are also following industry guidance such as the Swim England Guidance for Operators and the Pool Water Safety Advisory Group Code of Practice.

Enhanced measures include social distancing throughout the centre, sanitisation stations for visitors to regular sanitise their hands, deep cleaning regularly after each session throughout the day, increased cleaning of high touchpoint areas like door handles, toilets and locker doors and ‘fogging’ which distributes disinfectant through the air and settles on surfaces

We have fully risk assessed the swim academy programme and made amendments where required so you may notice some differences when you visit the centres and our swimming lessons.

We ask all visitors not to come to the centre if they feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms.

As you enter the centre, you’ll see that we have social distancing in place including measures such as one way systems.

To help ease congestion in the changing rooms and at drop off and collection points, lesson start and finish times will be staggered.

We request that all swimmers arrive for their swim “beach ready” with swimwear under clothing and wear flip flops or pool shoes. This is to allow swimmers to be collected by the swimming teacher without having to access the changing room. The collection area for your child’s swimming lesson maybe a different location than usual but a member of our team will keep you updated.

Members of our team will be available on poolside to ensure that swimmers attend the correct class.

Due to social distancing measures in place, the maximum capacity of pupils in the lessons has been reduced to allow the swimmers space to swim safely.

To adhere to current guidance, unfortunately swimming teachers and assistants will be unable to teach from within the water.

The length of the swimming lesson will be reduced slightly to 25 minutes.  This is to allow for the safe handover of children and a deep clean of the area to take place before the next lesson arrives.

Collection at the end of the lessons must be prompt.

Is the pool water safe?
As always, our pools are cleaned regularly and meet the standards set by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group. Current research confirms that coronavirus would be inactivate at the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools.

Will the equipment be clean and safe?
Yes, all the equipment will be cleaned between each lessons and we will be following official
guidelines by limiting the use of some equipment we use.

Will social distancing take priority over helping my child if they are struggling?
The safety and wellbeing of our swimmers is always our priority. Social distancing and increased cleaning and sanitisation measures are of course important, but nothing will stop us from providing essential support as and when needed.

What happens if my child or a family member is experiencing Covid 19 Symptoms?
If you, your child, or any member of your household or contact bubble displays any symptoms, then we ask that you do not attend swimming lessons and you follow the government recommendations which can be found at

After a few months of not swimming, participants’ swimming ability may have changed. Please be patient as you may have to allow for more time for your child to continue to work through the current swimming award.  Swimming teachers will recap skills and swimming fundamentals to allow for the safe return to lessons.

Not receiving an activation email – Please ring the centre or ask for a member of staff on your next visit to activate the account on on-course, customer will then be able to log in using the details they set the account up with.

Not receiving a forgotten password re-set email – Please check your spam/junk emails first. If there is still no email please contact or visit the centre directly so one of the team can de-activate your account

Not being able to see past history – If you are a returning customer and have set up a new Direct Debit the details need to be exactly the same as the last account on our system otherwise it will set up as new and the history for your child will not be seen.

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