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It’s never too late to learn to swim 

Swimming is a key skill to have at any age; not only is it a great way of keeping fit but it’s a valuable life skill that increases safety in and around water.

Our Swim Academy programme is designed for all ages and for all abilities.

From complete beginners, those who have a fear of the water, to those that are confident in the water and want to improve stroke technique, stamina and overall ability, our fully-qualified instructors guide pupils through lessons in a fun, relaxed way.

Following the STA Adult Swimming pathway, learners will develop a wide range of swim skills and build confidence in the water.

Adult ‘Swim Start’ lessons teach non-swimmers or complete beginners vital lifesaving skills, basic swimming strokes, floatation, aquatic breathing and helps build confidence in a relaxed informal manner. 

Adult ‘Swim Better’ lessons develop effective swimming strokes, diving, and lifesaving. These informal lessons allow adults to work towards individual goals. 

Adult Swimming Lessons Waiting List 

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