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The Storm

The year is 2050. Frankie lives with her mum, dad and little sister Kiki, in an imagined future world which is shaped by the effects of climate change. The weather is violent and unpredictable, and areas are separated into zones to manage supplies and resources.

Frankie has been out, planting trees and working on a re-wilded farm, but she has made a stop to fix her broken bag before approaching the zone gates. When a storm hits earlier than forecast, Frankie must face her fears, manage her anxiety and take steps to get back to her family and to safety.

A powerful original live theatre production that creatively confronts the climate emergency.

“As the threat of climate change grows ever closer, our play The Storm asks, ‘what can we do? We hope this play will ignite imaginations and deepen the understanding of this crisis and help young people become agents for change. We must never think what we are doing doesn’t matter.”- Gilly Baskeyfield, Artistic Director, M6 Theatre Company

Suitable for children aged 11+

Part of the Gaia programme of events, staged in partnership with Rochdale Borough Council and Your Trust, supported financially by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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Location: Number One Riverside
Duration: 40m