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The Makings of A Murderer

Hosted by the detective who brought serial killer Peter Tobin to justice, The Makings of a Murderer investigates some of the UK's most notorious murder cases.

Join Scottish detective David Swindle for a chilling, thrilling night at the theatre.

True crime fans, and those with a curious mind, can explore the cases, the circumstances and the detective’s perspective on serial killer investigations.

What makes a serial killer tick? What are the tell-tale signs? What really goes on behind the scenes?

Learn about the biggest British serial killers of all time – including Jack the Ripper, Peter Tobin, Harold Shipman, Peter Sutcliffe and killer couples Fred and Rose West and The Moors Murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

With more than 34 years as a senior detective, David shares his unique insight into the minds of the murderers, famous unsolved cases and the most notorious local killings.

David – whose ground-breaking Operation Anagram uncovered the activities of Peter Tobin – paints an often-dark picture of how these monsters come to be in this gripping, fully-interactive, audio-visual first.

“Serial killers are cunning, conniving, controlling, careful and – I hate to say it – clever,” says David. “They live apparently normal lives and get away with their crimes for years. . . until eventually detected.”

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