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HIV+Me Screening

Meet the people from Greater Manchester determined to end HIV stigma and shame.

The UK Government has committed to ending all new transmissions of HIV by 2030. In the lead up to this World AIDS Day (1 Dec), we’ve teamed up with Dibby Theatre and HIV charity George House Trust to bring you three remarkable stories about life with HIV today. HIV+Me showcases three ordinary people from Greater Manchester living with HIV and their extraordinary stories in three beautifully shot short films.

Paul remembers the lovers and friends he lost whilst fighting and campaigning from a grotty basement just off Canal Street. Mark revisits the squat he used to call home on Claremont Road and reflects how a positive diagnosis marked the beginning of a new life. And Yvonne recalls a lifetime of hiding in the shadows before she found something inside so strong that now helps her help others.

Directed by award-winning theatre maker and HIV activist Nathaniel Hall, the films tell the story of HIV from the terrifying early days of GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) through to the modern day where people don’t just survive but thrive with HIV.

Writers and Performers: Paul Fairweather, Mark Holder and Yvonne Richards
Script Development: Nathaniel Hall, Chris Hoyle, Dave Bewick and Pedro Labanca
Director: Nathaniel Hall

Suitable for ages 11+

Emotional warnings: References to illness and dying, drug use, gang violence, racism and homophobia.

HIV+Me is produced by Dibby Theatre and is filmed and edited by Boca films. The project is supported by Arts Council England and is delivered in partnership with George House Trust. This event is part of Rochdale in Rainbows, Rochdale’s annual pride event.

Location: Touchstones
Duration: 1h