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GO Gongs Gong Bath

What is a Gong Bath?

The goal is to give you an experience of yourself as pure awareness, liminal, and limitless!

During this gong session hosted by North West-based GO Gogs, your body will absorb sounds that it needs for healing whilst filtering out what is no longer required. The complex, yet delicate, overtones of the gongs, allow your superficial thoughts to dissipate and you can easily reach a much deeper consciousness leaving you in a very calm, relaxed state.

The gong vibrations continue to work long after the gong bath has finished. Gong healing works on various levels – physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Negativity and chaos are suspended; irregularity and resistance disappear and the whole being is returned to harmonic balance.

A lot like love, the gongs need to be experienced! Come along and try this treat for the soul.

Location: Touchstones