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African Day 2022

We are celebrating the continent of Africa from 24th – 28th of May with different activities for each of the dates. The theme of the event is ‘The New Africa (Reform after the storm)’.

On the final day (28th of May) of this 5 day mega event, we would like to celebrate with our fellow africans, as well as other nationals within our communities. There will be an awards night, reception with banqueting, entertainment and lots of dancing to finish the event on a high note. We would be having special guests from all over the world including; Dr Delois Blakely (alias Queen Mother) champions the aspirations of women, youth, education, economic-social development and community relations. In 2009, Queen Mother Dr Delois Blakely was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to Africa for her extensive travels and relationships with the African Union (and its respective countries within the African region) to the United Nations.

We hope you can join us to celebrate the African continent and enjoy the cultures and various arts that emerged from the continent. See you there!

Duration: 6h
Tickets from £20.00


  • Sat 28 May 5:00pm Doors open: 16:30 Tickets from £20.00

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  • Sat 28 May 5:00pm Tickets from £20.00

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