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An all year round activity, Archery is ideal for children and adults of all abilities. 

Using the indoor range at Littleborough Sports Centre, our instructors are on hand to offer a variety of coaching to help you go for gold.  

There’s a lot more to Archery; you will need to work on your patience, focus and upper body strength to control yourself as you take aim. 

Equipment is provided and all sessions are run by qualified Instructors. 

Indoor Archery 

Suitable for children (aged 7 years and above) and adults. 
Our Youth sessions are on offer to all up-and-coming archers. 

Come and have a taste of what it’s like to be on a range, learn the safety rules and have some coaching to help you fire straight. 

You’ll learn the safety rules of being on a range and then have the chance over the following weeks to develop you skills and keeping hitting the targets. Use your maths skills on the range and see how high you can score. 

We’re also proud to say our equipment can be adapted to meet everyone’s needs. 

Private Tuition 1:1 or 2:1 

Our qualified instructor and coaches can offer private sessions tailored to meet your needs – ideal for everyone from beginners to the advanced. 

Whether you’re looking to start out in Archery or looking for top tips on how to improve, you can book a private lesson for one person or two. 

Private sessions can be booked in 1 hour slots.